Merv is a teacher, trainer and therapist. Graduating from Human Givens College (UK) in December 2007, he became the first Australian to hold a Human Givens Diploma, a revolutionary approach to emotional health. In 2003, Merv incorporated the Human Givens ideas into an innovative curriculum project that later won an award from the Australian National Training Authority. In a teaching career spanning more than thirty years, Merv has enabled hundreds of young people to discard limiting beliefs and experience remarkable success. Working primarily with under-achievers and early school-leavers, Merv inspired them to develop marketable skills to fund their overseas and interstate travel. Activities that confirm the human potential from needs being met and resources used appropriately.

Merv promotes the Human Givens approach in Australia by presenting at conferences, training days, and coordinating an online course in the Human Givens approach for professionals to gain CPE points.

Merv brings to the training and therapy setting all the benefits of a life well lived. He has worked on building sites; in factories; in schools; and business settings. He has built two sports cars, a yacht, an aeroplane, and has traveled extensively in outback Australia, Canada, the US, Britain and Europe. Merv’s core values are based on Napoleon Hill’s definition of wealth: family harmony, good work relations, quality friendships, and spiritual peace. He lives with his wife and companion of forty-eight years, Robyn, and they have two adult sons.

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